All Weather Garden Furniture

How to best find all weather outdoor furniture you say?

It might be fair to assume you’re sick and tired of the maintenance that’s needed to keep your traditional wooden furniture or maybe teak furniture up to scratch?

Well fear not my good friends, as I’ve plenty of reasons why you should take the switch, and choose all weather garden furniture for your home in the UK in 2017.

Can your furniture survive the wet weather?

No Sanding Required on This Furniture

Remember the “good old days” when you had to spend hours sanding a smooth surface on your furniture, to then apply endless coats and primers to finish off the look of your wooden set? Well those days are gone now, most weatherproof furniture either doesn’t stain, or allows you to lightly sand down any stains to reveal a clean fresh piece of material underneath, allowing you to save hours every year in work.

Winawood garden furniture is weatherproof

UV Stabilised and Durable Weatherproof Furniture

Having furniture that’s UV stabilised is a real game changer, because it means that the suns UV rays do no fade or break down the material at all. This is a common problem with cheaper manufacturers of furniture, and therefore always a good question to ask and verify the quality of what you’re buying.

Winawood All Weather Furniture

Winawood is a brand new material that’s designed to give you the durability of man made furniture, with the look and feel of traditional wood. It’s made from a compacted polymer, that creates a grain like effect, but doesn’t break down over time left outside. The benches and chairs tend to be robust, with thicker arms, and a heavy feel to them, much more durable and heavy duty than wooden alternatives. You can also tell that they’re built well, as when you assemble them they require no “fudging”, partly because a man made material doesn’t warp.

The most highly rated place to purchase Winawood furniture is the online retailer of garden furniture,

This table, courtesy of Botani Wipe, shows the latest satisfaction figures.

Top UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers
Company name Rating Website
Gardencentreshopping 90%
Garden Furniture Centre 85%
QD Stores 78%
Greenfingers 76%

All Weather Rattan Garden Furniture

Whether you’re interested in grey wicker furniture, or a reclining furniture chair from Majestique, if you’re investing in a slightly more expensive set, then you’ll want it to last. The key areas to look for with rattan furniture is UV stabilisation, which we mentioned earlier, and an aluminium frame, which doesn’t rust or break down in the snow and ice of winter. These sets don’t need to be covered, however covering them does stop dirt and dust from settling in the cracks. If you need to clean them then you can use a jet washer. The best rattan sets will come without the need to assemble the chairs, so make sure your retailer specifies that the chairs come complete (or at least no screwing required). The tables often will need to be assembled, so always make sure the quality of the parts are robust, as this can be a weak point in the design.

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